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NFT x Metaverse x GameFi

Astroboy x Japan is the GameFi NFT in XANA Metaverse, featuring the most sold Japanese comic character Astroboy collaborating with Japans' regional government and JTB, the largest tourism institution, and JCB, the largest Credit card institution in Japan. ​

About NFTDuel


A trading card battle game, as the 1st native GameFi in XANA Metaverse.​


Legendary Character.

Astro Boy is a renowned Manga series written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka. It is the story of an adorable little robot who is created by a mad scientist after the tragic demise of his son in a car accident. Later, he is seen fighting crime and evil using his superpowers, which include strength, flight, language translation, super hearing, and extreme intelligence.

©︎Tezuka Productions.
©︎Tezuka Productions.

Japan Regions

National Beauty.

Japan has many beautiful landscapes. Japan's regional governments, Japan's largest tourism companies, and the XANA Metaverse have joined forces to create the world's only NFT that combines the best of Japan's scenery with Astroboy.


NFT Empowers the economy.​

This project will promote the re-growth of inbound demand for After Corona by allowing a new audience in Japan and abroad to enjoy and rediscover the charms of Japan, while at the same time realizing an innovative form of reconstruction assistance by donating a portion of sales to local industries in each region.​

©︎Tezuka Productions.

Regional Government support

Tottori, Japan

17th Feb, Governor Hirai, the head of Japan's National Governor's Association, announced that Tottori Prefecture became the first collaboration partner for ASTROBOY x JAPAN NFT for NFTDUEL GameFi in the XANA Metaverse. It is the first time ever in Japan's history that a regional government has publicly supported NFT and the Metaverse.

Initial NFT Offering

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Genesis cards

Minting will be placed in XANALIA for Whitelisted users.

Standard cards

Minting will be placed at parters platform.


Dream Collaboration.

Tezuka Production

Founded in 1968 by Osamu Tezuka himself as a manga and animation production company. The company has created many masterpieces that have left their mark on the history of manga and animation around the world, including "Astro Boy," "The Bird of Fire," and "Black Jack.


XANA is the metaverse infrastructure that consists universal platform metaverse app and robust blockchain technologies. XANA empowers the creator, brand, and Institutions with its all-in-one metaverse platform.​


A joint venture business development company jointly established by JTB Corporation and JCB Corporation (JCB). The company is engaged in cutting-edge business development, including planning, development, and promotion utilizing the management resources of the two companies.


Nothing but excitement ahead.