XANALIA Collaborated With Japan’s Largest Media Group To Host NFTART Competition


XANALIA, with a list of Japanese companies, is hosting the world’s first NFT ART Award to encourage NFT artists

XANALIA, the best decentralized NFT art marketplace in collaboration with Pony Canyon Planning Inc. (President and Representative Director: Hideki Ohyanagi), Fujiland Corporation Inc. (President and Representative Director: Yoichi Okabe), and Fuji Creative Corporation, Inc. (President and Representative Director: Kazuya Maeda) is presenting the “XANALIA NFTART AWARDS 2021″, a global NFT award to identify, encourage and support new NFT creators from around the world.  

Mission Behind NFTART Award Competition

The purpose behind hosting the XANALIA NFTART Award Competition 2021 is to promote the talent of NFT art creators whether they are new  NFT artists or seasoned professionals. Art Creators from around the globe regardless of their age, gender, nationality, or whether they are experienced or amateurs are welcome to participate and submit their entries to win award prizes. 

XANALIA is providing an opportunity for everyone to enjoy/appreciate NFT art casually and freely. The best NFT artworks will be awarded based on judges’ votes and auction ranking. Additionally, nominated artworks will also be displayed in a virtual reality art gallery.

Categories of Arts for NFTART Award Submission

NFTs can be tickets, memes, artwork, music, trading cards, and other digital assets that are uniquely identifiable on a blockchain. Art creators can submit their entries by submitting the following categories. They can be:

  • Music Videos
    So you’re a musician and want to be a part of the NFT action, right? Fortunately, for you, this award competition is a massive step towards a better music industry powered by true fans supporting their favorite artists, and allowing them to earn some money on the side as well. Just convert your music videos into NFTs and see the magic.
  • Short Films
    Creators can turn their short films into an NFT, and publish them directly on the Blockchain, which keeps a ledger of all its owners.  This way film creators can become a part of this contest.
  • Memes
    Nowadays, memes are also becoming a significant part of popular culture and are instantly popular with internet users. They are also associated with NFTs. Selling memes like NFTs shows the potential for unique meme creators to participate in this award competition.
  • Images
    Images are digital and can be scanned digitally, and it is easy for photographers to earn money and get the credit they deserve for their art. And the fascinating thing about this is that while the purchaser owns the property, the photographer still enjoys reproduction and copyright authority. An added benefit of image conversion into NFTs is that creators have a large following with a strong fondness for their work.
  • GIF
    Yes, GIFs can also be sold as an NFT. Anyone out there can create a GIF and turn it into NFT on the Blockchain to be a part of this competition and put it up for sale. 

            *Artwork format can be 2D, 3D, VR, still images video (within 10 seconds)

Event Flow Details

Artists are advised to submit their work by filling out the application form. After the acceptance of your entry, an email will be sent to the artists within 48 hours to let them know whether their application was accepted or not.

To participate in the competition, you just need to post your artwork. The works selected by the project committee of the works presented in the first screening round will be selected as [nominated works] (up to 1,000 works are expected) and exhibited on the XANALIA website as well as its NFT marketplace. All nominated works will be auctioned and evaluated by the jury, and the best 3 will receive an award. The 100 best works are shown in a special virtual reality gallery in [XANALIA].

Artwork Display In Metaverse

With the great partnership of Fuji, the largest media group in Japan, XANA will open the Metaverse exhibition for nominated NFTs next month. XANA is the metaverse on which XANALIA will be seamlessly integrated, and XANALIA is XANA’s flagship NFT marketplace. 

Having seamless integration on the XANA metaverse will give the NFTs on XANALIA unique use cases as wearable digital assets for metaverse Avatars, and much more.

Prizes For Winners of Award Competition

Early March 2022, the top three winners will be announced from among the 100 works displayed in the virtual gallery.

  1. 1st Gold Award:  10,000 US $    
  2. 2nd Silver Award:  5,000 US $           
  3. 3rd Bronze Award:  3,000 US $

We are delighted to be having the world’s first NFT art award competition this year. To judge the nominees we searched from the design and art experts who know all about creating fabulous content. Read on to meet our amazing judges. 


Director of GALLERY/PHOTOGRAPHY. She has been involved in book editing at Rizzoli New York since 2006, and her recent books include ‘ANREALAGE: A&Z’ (Rizzoli, Fall 2021). https://www.kanakawanishi.com/


Professor/Designer at Digital Hollywood University. She is a Joshibi University of Art and Design graduate, majoring in Western-style oil painting.


Art Director / Professor at Department of Spatial Design at Musashino Art University / Part-time Lecturer for Fashion Craft Course at Bunka Fashion College / Part-time Lecturer for Faculty of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts.


CEO and Creative Director of Arca Inc. With a socially-conscious creative approach, he is a cross-border creator. He works on everything from advertising to product production based on the two pillars of ‘ creating businesses with ideology and sociality’ and ‘creating works concerned with the world view.


Curator / Co-Chairman of Tokyo Art Acceleration Foundation born in 1983. Significant exhibitions include ‘Hello World: Towards a Posthuman Age,’ ‘Fog Resistance: Fujiko Nakaya,’ ‘Hanae Mori: Butterfly Fluttering to the World,’ ‘Yebisu International Festival for Art and Alternative Visions (4th-7th),’ and ‘The world began without the human race, and it will end without it.,’ which will be held at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts from October 2021.

Why Apply For The XANALIA NFTART Award 2021 Competition?

As all artists know, NFT art contests are a really great way to publicize your presence in the NFT  world, and communities. When you apply for the XANALIA NFT ART AWARD 2021, you have the opportunity to introduce yourself and make a connection with art enthusiasts, authors, critics, and buyers alike. This NFT art competition offers a fun, constructive, and professional environment in which to learn, draw inspiration from other artists and develop your own skills and self-confidence.

After each round of evaluation, your work will be announced on our social media and websites. It will offer the opportunity to appear in the regional and national press to make your work accessible to a greater audience. Artists from around the globe have the chance to win a cash prize, develop their work and careers as artists, and appear in the next year’s exhibition.                

Eligibility and Terms

  • The work you upload must be original. Third parties should not copyright it. 
  • Although the copyrights of the selected “nominated works” remain with the authors, the Executive Committee may use them for activities such as announcing the results of this contest and promoting them. 
  • Selected “nominated works” are converted into original digital content with a certificate of authenticity and a certificate of ownership which is tamper-proof using NFTs (NonFungible Tokens), minted on a  blockchain. The content is displayed on the XANALIA marketplace and sold through auctions, etc., as an asset with the same value as the actual works of art. In the event of a sale, ownership remains with the ultimate buyer, but the original copyright remains intact, and stipulated royalty (warranty) in perpetuity is paid to the original copyright owner. 
  • In the case of a sale, the redemption rate (royalty) to the original rights holder (creator) is 50% of the sale price of the first sale (auction). The second sale (resale) and all preceding sales, the fee is 10% of the sale price.


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