Top 10 NFT Collections to Choose

Top NFT Collections of 2022

There are many exciting NFT projects to follow in 2022. The NFT market continues to grow, resulting in more interesting NFT collections, NFT arts, and NFT projects.

A prominent reason for focusing on NFTs is the incredible growth in interest surrounding them. As a result, non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, challenged traditional notions of ownership of digital assets and representation of digital or physical assets on blockchain networks. Due to these factors, the search for top NFT collections has gained momentum continuously over the last 12 months. While many people do not know about NFTs, and some are not fond of them, they have undoubtedly emerged as a noteworthy highlight in the technological world. 

With the increasing number of projects emerging in the NFT space each day and massive trading volumes in NFTs alone, it has become increasingly essential to review the best NFT collections to identify top choices. Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular NFT collections you should watch out for. 

What is an NFT Collection?

Basically, the NFT collection consists of a unique collection of NFTs. An NFT collection is more important than the value proposition of NFT artwork. In general, NFT artworks are created by digital artists or content creators on a smaller scale. Individual NFT artworks are up for sale on different NFT marketplaces

Conversely, you will find some of the most popular NFT collections up for buy and sell on their respective platforms. Additionally, NFT data aggregators have pointed out that some of the most famous blue-chip NFT collections have recorded multimillion-dollar sales in recent years. Within seven days, the top NFT collections successfully generated more than $500 million of transactions, with approximately 19,500 unique buyers. 

There has been a continual growth in interest in NFTs and the inclusion of functional elements in best-selling NFT collections, which has resulted in increased demand for NFT projects. Even with a limited number of buyers, NFT collections have registered some substantial sales prices.

Top NFT Collections of 2022

In a discussion on “What are the most popular NFT collections?”, the obvious point would be to identify the best entries among NFT collections currently available. Are there any popular NFT collections that you should be watching out for? Here is an overview of the most popular NFT collections. 

1. XANA: Genesis

Xana Genesis

The XANA: Genesis NFT collection, released in July 2022, features an innovative concept and futuristic art style, attracting many collectors and web 3.0 enthusiasts to the collection.

With inspiration from Blade Runner 2049, XANA’s metaverse and GamiFi platform are based on the concept of “AI x NFT.” A proprietary AI engine has been developed for the platform called Prophet. Genesis NFTs are compatible with the XANA metaverse platform, allowing holders to use NFTs as avatars to engage in various forms of entertainment, such as blockchain games.

The XANA: GENESIS NFTs can be customized and become intelligent partners for their owners. A built-in AI engine allows these NFTs to communicate and play games with their holders on the XANA platform. Each NFT in the XANA: GENESIS collection results from a random selection of traits. It is a 10,000 avatar NFT collection compatible with the XANA metaverse and GamiFi platform. 



LAND is a 3D Virtual space within the XANA metaverse. It is designed to be 75k LAND, divided into parcels identified by cartesian coordinates (x,y). LAND NFT owner immutably owns these parcels. It has valuable acquisitions by global top IPs and brands. This will be one of the most epic lands of web 3.0.

These Land NFTs are a big deal since they allow the community to participate in creating the XANA Metaverse. Users can establish these lands to perform events, activities, and exhibitions in the XANA Metaverse. Even landowners may be able to rent out their property for tokens, or if they have already developed the property, they may be able to rent it out for further tokens.

3. Rooster Fighter

Rooster Fighter

With the cooperation of Heroes, Inc., the XANA Metaverse and XANALIA NFT Marketplace have developed an avatar NFT, Rooster Fighter. This avatar NFT was the metaverse-compatible version of the comic (English name: ROOSTER FIGHTER). In its initial sales, the product achieved a record of 100 million yen (267 ETH).

Rooster Fighter is a manga series that explores the unorthodox theme of “A rooster saves humanity in rooster battle action!”.

In response to the quirky characters and settings of the manga, XANA applied for the NFT version after it’s release in Japan. This groundbreaking content was converted into a new NFT for the Metaverse era after months of deliberation. XANA developed the PFP (Profile Avatar), which has become the standard in the NFT world, as well as:

  • They can use as 3D avatars in the metaverse.
  • NFT game NFTDuel, an NFT game in the same metaverse.

In the first few weeks after it was launched, there was a surge of accesses, and the servers occasionally went down. Eventually, 3,000 NFT were purchased, and sales exceeded 100 million Japanese yen.

Only a few projects from Japan have exceeded 100 million yen in sales in the rapidly growing NFT market, which is primarily overseas. This is the highest amount for an NFT, metaverse NFT, or NFT game based on a Japanese manga.

4. Metaverse Skateboard Collection

Metaverse Skateboard Collection

Skateboard NFT is available in the next-generation NFT marketplace XANALIA. Additionally, it will be available for use in the company’s metaverse XANA, where avatars will be riding the skateboard.

The NOBORDER.z company will provide PR support for the NFT marketplace “XANALIA” and support for NFT production, including production support for NFT items for use in the “XANA” metaverse. It will provide planning and production support for NFT content and promote the project through its own “FINE PLAY,” Japan’s largest action sports and street culture media. STYLUS Inc. will supervise and provide content production services as part of this activity. Eventually, 400 NFTs were purchased with a tremendous sale price.

5. Astroboy : NFTDuel Genesis

Astroboy : NFTDuel Genesis

Astroboy: NFTDuel Genesis is the GameFi NFT for NFTduel, featuring the most-sold Japanese comic character Astroboy with Japan’s regional sightseeing spots. This manga series, written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka, tells the story of an adorable little robot created by a mad scientist following the death of his son in a car accident. As a result of his superpowers, which include strength, flight, language translation, super hearing, and extreme intelligence, he is shown fighting crime and evil.

As well as being a notable collectible and powerful trading card in an exciting new digital card game, the Astro Boy NFT project supports Japan’s local economy and domestic tourism market.

To facilitate the seamless transition of many NFTs from XANALIA to XANA’s virtual world, Astro Boy NFTs were initially introduced on XANALIA’s NFT Marketplace. As a result, the ported-over NFTs to XANA will all be treated as digital assets and given unique uses in the metaverse. Your metaverse characters/avatars (3D virtual humanoid models) are treated with most NFTs integrated into XANA as wearable digital assets. Users will be able to equip these Wearables to give their avatars a unique, fashionable look in the virtual world by adding Skins, Clothes, Shoes, and other accessories.

6. ULTRAMAN : NFTDuel Genesis

ULTRAMAN : NFTDuel Genesis

As part of a partnership with HERO’s Inc, NOBORDER.z has launched the ULTRAMAN NFT pack on the XANALIA NFT marketplace. This PACK is a one-of-a-kind collection featuring all your favorite characters from the ULTRAMAN series. 

This long-awaited NFT project covers a wide range of aspects of the metaverse – from trading cards to avatars. These NFT cards are available to use in the trading card game NFTDUEL, the first-ever GameFi experience on XANA. Users can also use their favorite characters as avatars in the metaverse.

The rarity of ULTRAMAN NFT determines the cost of each character card. The higher the rarity, the higher the cost of the card. Character cards have game-changing abilities and will represent each element in the game (fire, water, metal, earth, tree). There are now standard edition support cards available on the marketplace that will assist players in devising unique strategies in NFTDuel.



The music rhythm game Deemo has been downloaded more than 28 million times worldwide. Moreover, it is one of the most famous games on the market. In February 2022, the film based on the game will premiere in Japan, then in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Additionally, other countries and regions with a worldwide distribution also planned to release it. 

DEEMO NFT collection combines the film’s theatrical quality scenes with the film’s music to create a unique experience. In contrast to merchandise previously available only in Japanese theatres. These NFTs maximize the characteristics of the NFT format, permitting anyone to purchase them anywhere in the world. Moreover, users can acquire ownership rights over each one-of-a-kind item.



In collaboration with the Character Business Research Institute, Inc., the developer of “XANA” metaverse & NFT marketplace “XANALIA” has established a partnership with Yukihiro Kanada (CEO: Yukihiro Kanada). Yuka Koshino & Co. have co-produced with Hiroko Koshino, Inc. wearable NFTs that XANA avatars can wear.

In this NFT project, Hiroko Koshino, a world-class top fashion designer, has created 10 looks and 29 items from her 2022 Spring/Summer collection. This is the first avatar wearable NFT for both companies. The project announcement drew a great deal of attention in the fashion industry. XANA created the first avatar wearable NFT on the platform. Upon sale, the limited edition of 500 NFT sold out within 45 minutes. Requests were flooding in for additional production, resulting in a successful sale.

9. 3D Bored Ape Club

As the name implies, ‘Bored Apes’ are unique pieces of digital art looking bored, yet it has become one of the most famous NFTs. In addition, Bored Ape owners also receive access to the ‘Yacht Club.’ This club provides membership benefits to entrepreneurs as well as celebrities. 

This NFT token is available for purchase via OpenSea and XANALIA. In September 2021, the auction of Bored Ape NFTs happened for an incredible $24.4 million! The Bored Ape Yacht Club is undoubtedly one of the most desirable NFT tokens since influential figures and celebrities have purchased it.

10. Crazy Lego Punks

It is one of the most popular NFT collections and the first to catch the attention of NFT enthusiasts when discussing popular NFT collections. It is the trendiest and the earliest NFT collection to attract interest. The Crazy Lego Punks NFT collection covers unique 8-bit characters based on a punk theme. Several unique highlights characterize each NFT in the Crazy Lego Punks collection, allowing their values to be determined. Currently, CrazyPunks is the most expensive NFT collection due to favorable selling processes. This is a collection set that will continue to grow.

Final Words

Our research on top NFT collections reveals that the above projects demonstrate exceptional relevance and growth potential compared to the other projects. Their wide range of use cases and strong community support have shown their worth in the market. A long-term NFT collection with a strategic vision offers significant returns.

Users can determine their value by observing the rarity and combination of traits of NFTs in collections. As a result, the utility of NFT collections will play an imperative role in determining their future prospects. NFTs from XANALIA, for example, XANA: Genesis are becoming increasingly popular as Metaverse assistant NFTs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many NFT collections exist?

The number of famous NFT collections has grown by a few hundred per day since September 2022, with more than 80,000 collections. 

What are NFT Collections?

NFT collections are a collection of crypto assets created by artists or brands. A typical NFT collection contains a fixed number of NFTs with slightly different art styles. Bored Ape Yacht Club, for instance, has 10,000 unique NFTs with similar avatars but varying characteristics. 

Why are NFT Collections Important?

Since NFT tokens are non-fungible, they cannot be replicated as they are permanently registered in the blockchain. This provides holders with proof of ownership, making NFT collections valuable in their own right. 

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