5 Reasons to Start Your Own NFT Project

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NFTs projects are allowing artists and content creators to retain the complete copyright by earning huge revenue!

NFTs are highly trending in the blockchain industry and are stimulating products in the crypto world. They pose a big opportunity for creators and artists to show their creativity and earn more from such projects. Designers, artists, investors, and content creators get additional revenue generation opportunities through NFTs. One of the most notable advantages of NFTs is that they abolish the need for a middle-man and allow the original content creator to deal with the customers directly.  

As a seller, a buyer, or a future investor you should read the following 5 reasons to start your own NFT Project.

Selling NFTs on Marketplaces

Content Creators, Artists, Designers are earning a lot of revenue by selling NFTs over the NFTs marketplace. There are even some fulltime NFT artists in the space now, and they make NFTs for a living. XANALIA has its own fair share of NFT artists who spend a lot of time making NFTs to earn an income from the.

Ownership Rights for Creativity

Creators on the NFT marketplace will have an ownership right for their creative themes, words and characters. As an artist or seller, you will be able to sell your artwork as NFTs without actually giving up the copyright status of whatever your art theme is. 

Think of selling an NFT this way: NFT art is generally made up of a theme with certain characters, when you make an NFT of something or a character, and sell it, you are merely selling that particular artwork. As an artist you still have the rights to your fictional character, thus you can continue using it for other creative endeavors.  

Huge Revenue on Royalties

Marketplaces offer huge revenue on royalties. As a creator, once you have created your NFT, you will get the reselling price and the portion of the sale price every time it is resold. At XANALIA, if you mint your NFTs then you will get 2.5, 5, or 10 % royalty for a lifetime on those NFTs that belong to the XANALIA’s collection. For example, as a creator you can mint NFTs, and sell them at the price of 100$ at the same time you can also set a 2.5% royalty fee on those NFTs. If the buyer of your NFT resold it at the price of $1000 then you as the creator of that NFT will get 2.5% of the $1000 and this pattern continues.

Non Fungible Tokens

Metadata on Tokens is non fungible and immutable. It uses Blockchain technology that’s why it can’t be copied, removed, misplaced, or altered due to the immutable ledger of blockchains. Once the metadata is written on the Tokens, it remains there for a lifetime, and no one can make another token with the same metadata.

As an NFT artist this is great news for you because it protects your creativity. If you make an NFT of your artwork then it becomes nearly impossible for anyone to make copies of it. Even if someone did attempt to copy your artwork they will simply not be able to copy your NFT, because each NFT has its own unique blockchain address, and metadata that cannot be copied. 

Promote your Business

You can promote your business by giving away NFTs. Get some creatives to make NFTs for your e-commerce business, and use them in a giveaway on socials to get some attention for your store. You can convert the art into an NFT and mint it on an NFT Marketplace. The most economical, and best Marketplaces for beginners and experts are Opensea & XANALIA as they support the new users. So, Mint there and create your own NFT giveaway promotion to keep your customer base happy, and potentially attract some new customers from the NFT community.    


NFT business is a new and fast-growing business that will surely spread in the whole world in upcoming years. At the beginning of your business in the NFT space, the growth rate will be low but it gradually increases. So, don’t stop making efforts to take your business to greater heights. 

People at the marketplaces such as Opensea, Rarible, XANALIA, etc. are earning real money through their NFTs. If NFTs can fetch over $11 million at auction in the marketplace then why not start your own NFT Project? To get in on the virtual world, try your hand at any of the NFT business ideas.

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