5 Ways to Give your NFT Sales a Serious Boost

5 Ways to Give your NFT Sales a Serious Boost

NFT Marketing is the secret behind NFT success!

The Non-Fungible Token phenomenon has swept the crypto industry, bringing forth dozens of initiatives that have found applications and use cases for these unique tokens. But innovating without proper publicity is like selling a  diamond locked in a box buried in the sand. The same applies to NFTs, which need effective marketing and advertising to make their target audience aware of their existence and worth. This article will discuss why NFT marketing is necessary and all the possible ways to promote your NFT project.

You Need to Promote Your NFT Collection

It can be assumed that there are three main reasons artists create NFTs: making money, following trends, and getting more attention from their art. Whatever the reason, nothing can be achieved without a promotion.

Promoting your art allows you to attract more people who will be willing to spend money on it. However, some artists, especially beginners without a marketing team, create NFTs and immediately try to sell them. Sales have always gone hand in hand with marketing and PR. So, if you want to make money selling NFTs, promotion is essential. Moreover, when you already put so much effort into creating digital art, or designing some other digital asset you shouldn’t let it go to waste by not even attempting to promote it. 

Promotions will benefit both your NFT sales and your brand. By promoting your NFT project, you can attract the attention of collectors, artists and influencers you may want to work with in the future.

5 Best Ways To Promote Your NFT Project

Marketing is an essential part of any business because it allows people to know the existence of a product or service. However, marketing requires dedication especially if you want to see big results. It requires careful research and understanding of the market and economic analysis. 

You may have some of the most beautiful collections of NFTs in the world, but unfortunately in today’s highly competitive environment, that may not be enough to guarantee the success of your NFT collection. The space is filled with new collections that compete with each other for buyers. So for your collection to get noticed, you have to work hard. Below is a list of strategies you can use to promote your collection.

  1. Select multiple marketplaces for listing your NFTs 
  2. Participate in Metaverse events
  3. Influencers can be a great resource 
  4. Increase brand awareness through social media 
  5. Connect with NFT community for engagement
  • Choose The Right Marketplace To Sell Your NFTs

An effective marketing campaign should start with adequately analyzing the platforms available to you for listing your NFTs on. First, look at the available NFT trading platforms and compare the terms and fees. Among the key indicators to look out for are market size and liquidity, which indicates whether the market is a popular destination. 

The next factor is the transaction fee, which is currently between 2.5% and a staggering 15%, which is a remarkably high fee for a decentralized marketplace. Most importantly, you need to check the overall experience the platform offers. The ideal marketplace provides an attractive feature set with multiple benefits for artists and users alike. 

With an abundance of NFT Marketplaces on offer, users can try out the XANALIA NFT Marketplace, which has a vibrant crypto community with community-driven development methods. This NFT marketplace offers a lower platform fee for creators, ensuring that they earn as much as possible without worrying about extra charges. In addition to setting the price of your NFT while placing it for sale, XANALIA allows you to set a certain royalty fee upon your entire NFT collection. This way whenever the  NFTs you made are traded, you will get a cut of its sale price.

  • Metaverse Events

In case you didn’t know,  Metaverse is an immersive virtual world. XANA and Cryptovoxels are two of the most popular spaces in the Metaverse. Collectors and NFT  projects own virtual buildings and venues where they can show off their collectibles and host community events. 

XANALIA is XANA’s native NFT marketplace, and XANA is one of the best metaverses to showcase your NFTs, and connect with the NFT crowd. You can check various events happening on XANA on their 트위터 page and 불화 server.

  • Share Your Work on Social Media 

As with any business, it is crucial to have an account on any social network. Yes, NFTs must have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. It’s also essential to link all the social media profiles of your website to get your primary audience noticed. In addition, joining certain NFT groups on these social media sites increases community engagement. 

However, the NFT community mostly hang out on Discord, Twitter, ClubHouse, and Telegram. Unlike Clubhouse, Twitter Space is also great for communicating with the community in real-time. Often NFT influencers and artists host sessions where you can listen and even ask to speak! It is a great way to promote your collection to interested people.

  • Build NFT Community 

If you really want to engage with the NFT community, there’s a lot of discussion on Discord, and Telegram. New projects are promoted there, announcements are broadcasted and connections are established. Metaverses are also a phenomenal way to engage with your community, because you get to use your avatar to meetup, and communicate with them in the virtual world. 

Tweeting about your NFT collection is great, but interacting with people at the micro-level is very important so that potential buyers know who’s behind the project. This will increase your loyal following. So, don’t be afraid to jump into the chatroom and connect with people. Creating a community around your NFT collection takes more time, but its effectiveness can’t be understated. 

  • Find Someone More Influential Than You 

Ask people to leave reviews about you, and your NFT collection! NFT influencers, cryptocurrency bloggers, and even NFT-friendly celebrities are willing to promote your collection for a fee or in return for an NFT. 

There are certain methods that include hiring Discord and Reddit guerilla marketers, but be careful with who you hire as you don’t want people shilling you or your collection the wrong way. 

If you are not worried about a little hard work you can start an outreach campaign for blogs, and publishers. Many crypto media companies welcome press releases and can even host your story for free! Obviously, at NFTevening, we receive a lot of news this way, and you can always try your luck by sending it directly to us. Also, don’t forget to add your event to your NFTevening calendar for free!


Connecting with the community is key to the successful marketing of any crypto asset. This guide to promoting non-fungible tokens can help you succeed in the NFT market. Try different types of promotions and choose the one that works best for you. Inform as many people as possible about your NFT collection. Then the result will always exceed your expectations!


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