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Create and trade avatars, art, lands, homes and much more in the Metaverse


You can project your own NFT from the app to the real landscape with AR and take pictures and videos


Providing game users and game creators with the opportunity to make money with game items and characters


XANALIA NFTARD AWARDS 2021 held by the three companies of the Fuji Sankei Group, the largest media group with XANALIA discovers and empowers any time of NFT / Figital creators around the globe.


XANA is the next generation virtual social experience platform which allows anyone to access or create open​

- FAQ -

NFT represents a Non-Fungible Token that is cryptographic in nature representing something unique and rare that cannot be replaced.

Yes, NFT is safe as buying and selling on crypto assets but the main thing is the technology used behind the NFT marketplaces. XANALIA is using decentralized technology, when a user creates NFT on the XANALIA marketplace a unique ID is generated against it 

You can trade NFT with or without Crypto as we have provided an option to use Credit Cards instead of Cryptos. For that, you have to login as a Non-Crypto user.

A wallet might be a device, physical medium, or service which stores the crypto asset. Wallets have their own private and public keys. By using a public key users can receive or transfer crypto assets from one account to another.

You can use XANALIA with or Without a wallet.
If you are a crypto user then you require a wallet [MetaMask, Binance chain wallet].
If you are a credit card user then you don’t need a Crypto Wallet.

When a user puts an NFT for sale then XANALIA charges,
      For Crypto users = 2.5%
      For  Non-crypto users = 2.5% + 5%(Credit card charges) .

※There is no charges on creating and listing an NFT in our XANALIA Marketplace.

Here is several way :

Create and Sell NFTs

Trading NFTs on XANALIA

LP staking
At the time of NFT creation, You can set your own fee (royalty) on the secondary sales of your own NFTs on XANALIA for their lifetime revenue.

Creating an NFT on XANALIA is easy !
If you are a renowned creator in artworks you can digitize it and you can create an NFT using our

As XANALIA is storing the right of work in the blockchain the ownership of the NFT cannot be forged and protected as per blockchain standards.

The main technology behind XANALIA is ‘Blockchain’, which is known as the basic technology of cryptographic assets. XANALIA integrates Binance Smart Chain and Polygon network.

Development team is NOBORER.z Group with over 100 engineers from Dubai , Japan , India , Pakistan , UK as the main region.

A Smart Contract is an agreement document that includes the terms of the exchange between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. The code and the agreement details of the Smart Contract exist across a distributed, decentralized blockchain network. The execution and transaction of NFTs are trackable and irreversible due to the code.

In the blockchain, decentralization refers to the transfer of control and decision-making from a centralized entity (individual, organization, or group of them) to a distributed network. Decentralized networks seek to reduce the level of trust that participants must place in each other and restrict their ability to exercise authority or control over each other in a way that negatively affects the functionality of the network.

XANALIA’s logic is defined in Smart Contract that makes it completely decentralized. All users can trade NFTs (Sell / Buy) on their own without any access to a centralized entity.

If your work is selected as a winning bidder, you will be able to check your allocation, register your bitcoin (BTC) address, and withdraw it on your profile page after logging in to your XANALIA account within one month. (※Please note that the price of the bitcoins (BTC) you receive as your distribution will fluctuate, so please be careful when exchanging them for cash. We recommend using BitFlyer, one of the largest exchanges in Japan, to convert your BTC into Japanese yen.

To create an account on bitFlyer


XANALIA is focusing on upcoming future where NFTs are used for the life in metaverse.  Avatar, Wearable , Land , Art , everything should be NFT assed in metaverse. we are currently preparing Virtual Reality Metaverese APP and AR app.

Also , XANALIA is a Decentralized Marketplace where Crypto and Non-Crypto users can trade NFTs Smoothly. XANALIA has various options to select the desired Network Chain (Polygon, Binance Smart Chain). Trading charges are relatively low than other marketplaces that make it far better.