How to Assess the Value of an NFT?

NFT's Value

The value of an NFT is at a high stage in Metaverse and digital trading. NFTs are just a collection because they have endless possibilities in real-world applications.

The three main factors when assessing the intrinsic value of NFT are rarity, usefulness, and efficiency. The value of NFT also varies for short or long-term holdings, depending on the asset that NFT represents. There is a wide range of NFTs on XANALIA NFT Marketplace for NFT traders- the primary market for NFTs for creators and premium auctioneers, and globally top brands and artists.

The crypto market is never silent. New types of assets are constantly emerging, such as altcoins, stablecoins, and other project tokens. But every few years, a new kind of crypto asset creates a massive boom in the market, leading to many new cases of rapidly rising prices and usage.

As an asset class that can be associated with a collection of works of art, a pair of shoes, or a video game – NFTs are in high demand in the crypto market.

NFT's Value

Factors that Drive an NFT’s Value

It is difficult to determine the exact value of NFT as the asset class is relatively new. Although solid artifacts such as the Mona Lisa or physical collectibles such as NBA player cards define values, investors looking at NFTs may have difficulty deciding whether a given asset or depositor is worth their money. Able and whether they want or need it.

But since NFTs have made their way into many industries in less than a year and have reached higher levels of value, three critical factors have emerged to gauge their value.

  • Rarity
    This factor translates to how rare and “difficult to get” a particular NFT is. Good examples of rarity are the first artwork of its kind by a famous creator in the digital arts industry or an NFT created by a famous person. Another element of rarity is the effect that such an NFT would provide, for example, a video game.
    People are attracted to NFTs because of their intrinsic value, where the owner of the NFT has blockchain proof of ownership. It gives a sense of privilege and determines the premium price of NFT.
  • Utility
    The usefulness of NFT comes from its actual application in the physical or digital world. For example, some NFTs are more than just a collection, as they can be used in games, such as virtual land, spells, or characters. This feature of NFTs gives them instant value, which depends on the popularity of the underlying project over time. As the community of decentralized game players grows, most will be willing to pay the top dollar for a unique card.
    Examples of such NFTs are deposit cards such as Euro 2020 NFT tickets and Decentraland Property.
  • Tangibility
    Some NFTs are associated with real-world goods, which provide value in supporting the immutability of ownership. In essence, anything can be supported through NFT to strengthen property rights, but it does not make the item unique or in high demand. The core value of such an item will be determined by its practicality, lack of value, and the personal satisfaction that consumers receive from it.
    For example, having an NFT ticket to a special event filled with celebrities is far more valuable than owning an NFT attached to a bottle cap, both internally and personally.
    In terms of market performance, NFTs with solid value is best for short-term trading in the marketplace. It is because such NFTs may have ticket-like expiration dates. Meanwhile, other collection items such as the NFT-Teached Limited Edition shoes may gain value over time due to the reduced number of items in circulation.


The value of an NFT is primarily a matter of personal perception, but intrinsic value obeys several market rules. When it comes to NFTs, the laws fall into three main factors, which depend on the issuer of the NFT itself. How valuable an NFT is in their short and long-term resale value.
The potential of NFTs as an asset class highlights how they can carry endless possibilities, more than they can collectively or digitally represent anything. NFTs are everywhere from plane ticket verification and voting rights to sealing items to prevent theft in real-world applications.

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