How To Mint NFTs On The XANALIA NFT Marketplace?

In the last few years, NFTs have seen tremendous popularity due to their benefits. NFTs are digital assets that can represent any real-world item or concept. They are often used as a means of digitalizing and monetizing artistic creations, but they can also be used to describe everything from entertainment to property rights. There are many different types of NFTs, including CryptoKitties, World of Warcraft assets, rare Pokemon cards, and anime NFT cards like Astroboy or Ultraman on the XANALIA NFT marketplace.

The rise in popularity of NFTs is partly due to the large number of people who want to invest in the cryptocurrency markets and make money off their investments. But it’s also the proliferation of new technologies that make it easier for people to create and trade these virtual items. The growing demand for NFTs engenders people’s interest in minting NFT.

What is NFT Minting?

NFT minting is the process of listing your digital art as NFT on the Blockchain network through the NFT marketplace. NFT minting validates the ownership and value of the digital artwork. The artwork is then available at the particular marketplace for the buyers.

Comprehensive Guide for NFT Minting

In this guide, we’ll start by giving you a comprehensive overview of NFTs and the technology that powers them. Then we’ll discuss how to use the NFT platform XANALIA to mint your digital assets and make them available for purchase. We’ll also cover some of the people’s most common issues when trying to mint their NFTs and help you solve them. Finally, we’ll explain some best practices to help your NFTs succeed.

How to Mint an NFT at XANALIA NFT Marketplace?

NFTs are a rising trend in the market and many people are moving towards this. Here we are explaining everything on how to mint NFT on XANALIA.

Step 1

Visit and connect your crypto wallet by clicking on the Wallet icon in the top right corner. You can select the preferred wallet: Metamask, Binance Chain Wallet, or Wallet connect.

How To Mint An Nft? A Comprehensive Guide

Step 2

After connecting to the wallet, Click on the [Create] in the Side Menu bar and click on the [NFT] option.

click on the [NFT] option

Note: For NFT Collection, either you can create your collection or select the XANALIA collection as default concerning the Network chain selected.

Step 3

After selecting the NFT option, you will be redirected to the details page, where you must fill in the required details about the NFT. 

  1. Upload Artwork Upload the Artwork by clicking the Image icon
  2. NFT Name – Enter the Desired name for the artwork
  3. Collection You can create your collection, or the Default XANALIA collection will be selected concerning the Network chain selected.
  4. Description – Describe your NFT artwork here
  5. Network – The network will be autoselected concerning the Network chain selected (here, its Ethereum).
  6. Base Price – Select the base price (e.g., Eth, BNB, ALIA, BUSD)
  7. NFT Type – Select the NFT category (art, video, photo, etc.)
  8. Royalty – You can set the Royalty percentage the creator can earn for their lifetime on every sale.
  9. Sale type – You can put your artwork on sale with two options
  • Fixed price: Enter the Fixed Price of your artwork.
  • Auction: Enter the Auction’s Open time and Close time. Enter the min auction price.

selecting the NFT option

Step 4

After entering the details, click on the [Mint Now] button to proceed and confirm the mint request generated by MetaMask.

NFT Minting

Step 5

The NFT minting is done, and your NFT has been successfully listed on the XANALIA marketplace. You can check the minted NFT in the [My Items] section.

NFT minting is done

Factors to Consider Before Minting an NFT

There are several essential aspects to consider when minting NFTs.

  • First, the NFT must be unique and not easily confused with other assets on the blockchain. This means the asset should be scarce and its supply limited, ideally through a hard limit.
  • Second, it must have a high value relative to its supply (and maintain this value over time). This can be achieved by creating difficult or impossible items to develop in-game or by using an existing game token as the basis for your NFT.
  • Third, you must ensure that there is an audience for your NFT. If you’re selling a virtual item that doesn’t interest anyone except those who already own it, you may end up with a lot of dead weight on your hands (and no one around who wants it). It’s better to create something people wish for than something they don’t care about.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Minting NFT

1. Can I mint NFT for free?

When users mint an NFT on any Blockchain network, they must pay the gas fee for the minting process. However, the gas fee varies depending on the Blockchain network. Nevertheless, it is still possible to mint NFTs for free, and the process is called Lazy minting.

2. How much does it cost to mint an NFT?

NFT minting cost depends on the Blockchain network selected for the NFT minting process. The user needs to pay the Gas fee for the NFT minting.

3. Can I mint an NFT myself?

Yes, it is effortless to mint an NFT over the XANALIA NFT marketplace. 

4. What is lazy minting NFT?

Lazy minting is a process of registering digital artwork off-chain rather than uploading it on-chain. The user does not need to pay any gas fee for lazy minting, as the NFT is minted only when the ownership transfer of the NFT happens.

5. What is the cheapest way to mint an NFT?

The cheapest way to mint an NFT is Lazy minting. Although not all the platforms allow this mechanism, there are some NFT marketplaces allowing Lazy minting.


NFTs have become popular because they allow users to own and trade exclusive digital assets that cannot be replicated or counterfeited. For example, if you own an original painting by Vincent van Gogh, you can use your NFT to sell it on the market with confidence that it won’t be counterfeited or copied by someone else! In addition to this unique feature, NFTs also offer other benefits, such as high security through blockchain technology and easy access for all users without the need for expensive infrastructure or technical knowledge required by traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum).

Then came CryptoKitties—the first significant success of the NFT movement. In December 2017, CryptoKitties took the world by storm with its ability to let players buy, sell, and trade digital cats for money (and sometimes even for other virtual cats). This blew up because it showed that NFTs could have real-world applications—not just as an investment vehicle.

We’re now seeing more and more NFTs hit the market every day. Some examples include CryptoPuppies—a new type of digital pet that can be purchased using cryptocurrency—and CryptoBunnies—an adorable bunny who lives on the Ethereum blockchain.

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