Displaying NFTs: The Best Way to Display your Collection

Displaying NFTs: The Best Way to Display Your Collection

NFT art is becoming an integral part of our culture. More people are investing in this digital art.

New collectors are added to the ranks every day. Among those are people who would’ve never invested in art otherwise. This new technology is giving them confidence. Motives will vary from person to person. Yet, the fact remains that NFT art sales are on the rise despite seeing a huge dip after 2021 –when the sales peaked.

People don’t buy art for themselves. Whether that art is in physical form or not. Physical art is relatively easy to display. Traditional methods, like galleries, museums, and even hanging them above the fireplace, are viable options. However, where can you find the ideal NFT display? A display that declares that you own the NFT art, shares your taste and impresses your friends & family.

In this article, we share some of the best NFT display methods that can help you showcase your NFTs.

To give you a summary of what’s ahead. We have two major categories, physical methods, and digital methods. Physical methods are the ones where you display NFTs in a physical environment. You may use technology like smart screens, but the screens are physical and are present in a physical space.

Digital methods are the ones where you share your art through digital channels. People don’t have to travel or be in a physical space to view NFTs.

Physical Methods

Some think art is appreciated when it is in a physical form. That’s why despite its digital nature, NFT art is sometimes displayed physically. There are complete art exhibits of NFT art, held in physical places combining old-school presentation with the newest technology.

Possible options are printing your NFTs, displaying those using smart screens – connected to your Wallet – or having your NFT collection displayed in an art gallery to give it the legitimacy of real art.

Get Your NFTs Printed

This is probably the most old-school method of showing art, at least in the NFT space. You’ve seen art hanging in frames; printing NFTs gives them the same feel. Your NFTs get a physical form that can be displayed on the shelf or in an art gallery.

Some companies are providing NFT printing services. They support everything from choosing the right type of paper to the right ink. These companies take all the load from you and manage everything on your behalf. You have to provide ownership certification, tell them about your preferences, and leave the rest to them. After a few days, your printed NFT art is delivered – in a beautiful NFT picture frame, ready to be displayed. You can also request a printed QR code along with the printed NFT for people who want to see the art in its actual form – digital.

If you’re showcasing this art at your home, chances are, people will ask why you got it printed in the first place. Your answer can be anything from “I like to see my possessions physically” to “I had the money, and I did it”. Whatever motivates you to get your NFT art printed, do proper research. You want only the best results, and a reputed NFT printing company can deliver those results.

Use Smart Frames and Screens

Printing your NFTs is cool and all. But it only works for still images or JPGs. Printing isn’t an option for NFTs in the gif and MP4 format because a still image cannot capture what the whole NFT has to offer.

For such NFTs, new displays have been introduced. These displays create an NFT show unlike any you’ve seen before. These are NFT frames that support moving imagery. With the rise in demand, many companies have jumped in to create such NFT frames with varying levels of success.Some frames have anti-glare screens that support FHD NFTs. While others may have sound systems built in for a complete experience. Some NFT displays have mobile connectivity, 

meaning you can switch NFTs based on your preference. Keeping the sole proprietorship nature of NFTs intact, each frame is connected to your crypto wallet with the NFTs you want to display.

We must consider the battery life when talking about these digital screens fitted in small frames because you don’t want your NFTs to turn off without any warning. Some of these frames have direct power supplies connected for continuous display. While others have long-lasting batteries, while purchasing such an NFT frame, you have to be very careful. These frames can be fragile, so use them in a safe environment.

Physical Galleries

You can display your NFTs in a legit art gallery if you want. Some galleries have started taking note of the NFT art and showcasing it at their place. If you have an impressive collection of NFTs, you should reach out to an NFT art gallery and ask them to showcase your art collection.

These galleries will have certain spots with the latest NFT screens. You can have to move NFTs or still images. Visitors can appreciate the art and make an offer if they want to trade NFTs. Each NFT can have a separate QR code to scan and check the NFT in digital space – an online NFT marketplace or a metaverse.

Online Methods

If you’re a true NFT art collector, you understand that digital is the best place to showcase your NFTs. Because NFTs are digital, it only makes sense to present these digitally. Physical methods came later, but digital methods to showcase your NFTs rose along with NFTs because people needed a way to showcase and trade their newly bought NFTs.

It started with social media and eventually led to digital marketplaces where people trade NFTs for cryptocurrencies and other tokens. Let’s dissect each method briefly.

Take NFTs to Social Media

If you want a digital NFT display, social media is the simplest one you can find. Get your NFT, choose it as the profile pic, and your NFT is now visible to all your connections – and more people if your account isn’t private.

Another way to display your NFTs through social media is to showcase your collection in stories and through Instagram’s NFT features. Take Instagram’s example. It has a special space for NFT collectors – with support extending to over 100 countries and counting. Meta – Instagram’s parent company – is taking these initiatives to promote NFTs and, in return, the Metaverse.

Try NFT Marketplaces

What’s better than mass recognition? Recognition in relevant circles. And that’s exactly what NFT marketplaces offer. On marketplaces, we find people who are already interested in the NFT concept. They understand that NFTs will be huge and want to trade these digital art pieces. After all, NFT marketplaces aren’t social media platforms where your 70-year-old uncle is casually browsing and sharing memes.

If you display your NFTs there, they will likely gain recognition in relevant circles. If you try to sell your NFTs, the right people will know and can make the right offer. OpenSea is a big NFT marketplace where you can display your NFTs. XANALIA is another digital marketplace where your NFTs are visible to a relevant audience.

When you upload your NFTs to XANALIA, you automatically mint these too. Meaning your NFTs are on-chain and available for the trade without any hassle. XANALIA has its own native chain, XANAChain, making the process seamless and quick. Like every other NFT marketplace, XANALIA also asks you to connect your digital Wallet. This is to authenticate your ownership.

There is a very simple way to add NFTs to XANALIA. Either you can create a Collection or a single NFT, your choice. Just connect your Wallet, upload your details, and display your NFTs on XANALIA.

Digital Galleries are Also Available

If art galleries seem like too much of a hassle, you can try online galleries that display NFTs. There are proper exhibitions where people showcase their artwork and get it appraised. You have to connect your Wallet to prove ownership of the NFT. People who are interested in art also connect their wallets to show authenticity. In XANA Metaverse, you can find many online galleries.

You can also find online galleries that are properly managed by moderators. To enter these galleries, you have to submit your NFTs. If your NFTs are selected, they will be on display within no time. Interested parties will reach out to discuss the rate. Always stay on the cautious side and do thorough research before trading your NFTs.

Have you Tried Metaverse?

Metaverse is the next step in our social interactions. So if you’re going to display your tokenized art, maybe try Metaverse. In a metaverse, you’re the one in control. No one’s stopping you. You can showcase your NFT art any way you want.

XANA is a good metaverse for you to start. You can buy LAND, build your own WORLD, and create your own art gallery to display your NFTs. You’re always in control of what you display. People will visit your gallery and appreciate your collection. And if someone wants to trade, they can reach out easily.

What’s Next for NFT displays?

You have so many options to display your NFT artwork. Some of these are limiting, while others are in their infancy. So what’s coming next?

Soon, huge NFT galleries will open in metaverses. Trends will change, and you’ll be boasting your collection without any restrictions. You’ll be in the virtual driving seat, controlling how you showcase your NFTs. Web3 gives you a plethora of options to choose from. So start exploring and creating new experiences from scratch.

If you want to display your NFTs on a leading NFT marketplace, XANALIA, reach out. We’ll explain the process in detail.


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